Message from CEO

Dr. Muneer Al Maskery

Executive Chairman

Welcome to Digital Private School – a great place to learn, innovate and become a global citizen. We believe in quality education that supports ethical and religious values, endeavours to preserve Omani heritage, and provides global awareness and emotional intelligence that will produce 21st-century citizen leaders.

The school is part of a series of Digital Private School catering for high-end international and digital curricula. Other campuses are planned to be established soon around the Muscat Governorate. Students’ education will encompass significant hands-on and technological experimentation essential for life-long learning and for the anticipated 4th Industrial Revolution.

The school includes Omani and International teaching staff with extensive experience in similar standards schools. To assist the community, Digital Private School fees will be much more affordable in comparison to schools of similar standards and quality in the Sultanate and the region.

Digital Private School will transform the classroom from a traditional teacher-centred learning context to a student-centred one where students take an active role in learning. The school provides access to rich educational resources that can equip students with such valuable skills as communication, collaboration, critical thinking and global awareness. Effective integration of technology into the classroom helps students to prepare for their future academic and professional experiences.

Our innovative and progressive curriculum constantly challenges students to enhance their learning. The skills needed for the 21st century is well incorporated into our curriculum and go beyond the classroom. Digital Private School implements an international curriculum in which English is the language of instruction. To meet the local MOE expectations, we offer Arabic, Islamic and Social Studies which are taught in Arabic to ensure compatibility with the local language and the culture. Our international students have the opportunity to learn Arabic as an additional language. Our school will offer options such as the local MOE General Education Diploma (GED) in Grade 11-12 and BTEC for Grades 10-12 so that our students have the chance to graduate in Grade 12.

At DPS our goal is to produce students who are critical thinkers, creative, compassionate and emotionally intelligent as well as being able to take on challenges. Our international programs provide a level of individual challenge and academic rigour that is different from what many of us would have experienced at school.